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Bubba Wallace Indianapolis car - Checker_MC
*UPDATED* 11 Denny Hamlin NCRMuseum Talladega 2020 - Kazuo
#43 Fictional Throwback - jopajoe
4 Car Pack #14, #18 and #19 All-Star & Coca600 - Italo Rapacci
1985 UPDATE #64 Clark Dwyer Ford - CC#48
#93 M. Snyder XFINITY Elk1 Camaro NXS20
2000 Adam Petty Sprint PCS Dodge
2020 #32 Corey LaJoie Bristol 2
NR2002 Ed Berrier WC Hills Bros. Ford 1999
Red Bull Racing Number Set
2004 Alternate Schemes Carset (Cup03-05)
#5 Phoenix Construction Camaro
Johanna Robbins (Johanna Long) #70 Foretravel Motorcoach Chevrolet (SRD NXS20 Mod)
2020 #47 Kyle Weatherman Pocono (NXS20)
MENCS#3 Austin Dillon Freightliner 2020
2020 ARCA Phoenix Carset
[N3] 2020 GRV&OTS truck set - Part 1
#12 Ryan Blaney Hooters Mustang MENCS19
top downloads
#92 J. Williams XFINITY Kan1 Camaro NXS20
#92 J. Williams XFINITY Poco1 Camaro NXS20
#92 J. Williams XFINITY Ken1 Camaro NXS20
#92 J. Williams XFINITY DayRC Camaro NXS20
2020 #32 Corey LaJoie Bristol 2

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Trolls & Spammers
Kazuo - 5/8/2020
Hello all, We've once again had some issues with users creating accounts purely to spam the Upload Library with hate speech content. Again we've deleted the uploads and banned the user. I would encourage all users to simply avoid and ignore any content like this. It will be dealt with as swiftly as possible by the admin team. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to private message me. Hope everyone is staying safe! Andy
Correct Upload Catogories
WoofGM - 11/3/2015

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There has been many files posted in the past and more so recently that are not being put into the correct category when user are uploading files to the site. Example - Car files are not "ALL" they go into the "Cars" category. Also many are forgetting to put the Year & Car Number as well. Many complaints have been posted at a few sites and pm's have been received as to why when searching the site for files, people can not find them. Putting them into the wrong category creates this issue. If anyone has any question about this, feel free to pm me for assistance.
WoofGM - 7/14/2015

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Rather simple guys. After posting with credits, some members fail to do so the following times. Nothing new, as we do not catch every file all the time. Common courtesy is to give credit for anything you did not make. Sometimes, this is all the recognition the Original Authors ever get. Mod,Base,Template,Logos,Render Scene have been pretty much standard items to use when posting credits for many years. Also keep a reminder - if you did not paint it, you can not post it.We cannot catch all of the ones posted in prior years. When they are found, they will be removed. So there is no need to ask "Why is Member - XXXX have some posted and I can't" -OR- "He gave me permission" Site policy is SITE POLICY.
2014 Update #1
Blueclipse28 - 2/20/2014


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!!!!!DO NOT COME TO NNRACING AND START A NEGATIVE POST ABOUT OTHER WEBSITES IN THE FORUM!!!!! Those who do will have thier access to the site removed !
recently uploaded files
Bubba Wallace Indianapolis car
Checker_MC - 7/29/2020
Thanks to Splash'n'Go for the mod and the template and to MasGrafx for the old ass PWF_CTS render scene I shamelessly repurposed for MENCup19.
*UPDATED* 11 Denny Hamlin NCRMuseum Talladega 2020
Kazuo - 6/21/2020
For the MENCS19 Mod. Template from S&G, driver suit & crew from Itallo, numbers from Big Evil, driver signature from EPD, B pillars from Fosterick @Stunod and NCRM logo from Google. Render by The Mod Squad Added the "Driving for Change" slogan to the rear.
#43 Fictional Throwback
jopajoe - 8/4/2019
Rendered by: Me on garrett1127's Scene Base By: Antigordo gen6 base ported to the MENCS19 Logo's: victoryjunction.org, WWT.com, Airforce.org, Mack.com, TI.com, McDonalds.com Numbers: Sage Contingency decals: S-n-G, Alan and myself Template: SPLASH-n-GO Camaro Tail Lights: BED
4 Car Pack #14, #18 and #19 All-Star & Coca600
Italo Rapacci - 5/20/2019
Updated #18 from the All-Star, since the first one was made based on not so accurate renders form JGR, #18 for the Coca-Cola 600 next weekend, #14 and #19 from the All-Star. Crew, suit, ratings.
1985 UPDATE #64 Clark Dwyer Ford
CC#48 - 11/1/2018
1988 Mod CTS physics template and mod by the US Pits... Numbers, logos and Contingencies from my collection...These are updated 1985 rides that I made years ago there will be a full set.... Enjoy
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