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  CTS Budweiser Truck screen shot 3194 deepsouth 4/12/2000
  my ONLINE truck (updated) screen shot 2368 rusty4life2k 4/8/2000
  DIS Truck Fix 2516 ramblin_wreck 4/7/2000
  Dale Earnhardt #3 Pit Crew Uniform Patch screen shot 2962 3wideRacing.com 4/6/2000
  Clear Cockpit Boxes screen shot 3031 LittleFan 4/6/2000
  Bill Elliott 2001 Dodge screen shot 3638 Travis 4/5/2000
  Ford Taurus Template Kit screen shot 3166 B-man #2 Fan 4/5/2000
  Daytona Lake Patch screen shot 3884 Tylerb59 4/4/2000
  Nascar Legends Ford Tach Fix screen shot 3086 deepsouth 4/3/2000
  Martinsville Grandstand Update 2613 Josh Grundman 3/30/2000
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