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Daytona Lake Patch
Tylerb59 - 4/4/2000 - 324.0 kb - 2932 User Downloads  
Posted By: Tylerb59  
Adds (the missing ) a realistic lake to the Official Papyrus Daytona track. Get patches like these and more at Team Pepsi Racing, Http://PepsiRacing.n3.net
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: Tacg99  
What the Hell I Downloaded the file and went to unzipp it and there was nothing to unzipp. so where do i get this file????
Posted By: rainman  
where can I get the Daytona Track for N3?
Posted By: deepsouth  
The lake looks okay. Just a big blue rectangle. Needs a ripple effect, or maybe a guy in a jon boat fishing. But overall, not bad. Be careful if you decide to take it out, from what I can see, it rewrites the dat file and the scr file. If there are anymore rewrites I'm unaware of them. I saved both of those files and tried to put them back in after I decided to take the lake out, and I got the "unable to load complete track description" error. I had to reload the entire Daytona track file to get it to work. Could have been something in my files though, it may be okay with yours. Just be careful and Backup....backup....backup ! Overall: it's a lake. Rating: 95
Posted By: Alex Santantonio  
Great job on this guys.
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