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IROC XXV at Indy
Alex Santantonio - 8/12/2001  


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On Saturday, August 4, 2001, the IROC XXV Race #4 came to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 3rd time. To commemorate this event, and the 100th IROC race in its 25 years of competition, I have created a NASCAR Racing 4 IROC set. You can download and extract this file into your Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 4\series\cup\cars\ directory and it will include an entry list for IROC at Indy. As you can see from the screen shots below, this set is very close to the real thing down to even the smallest detail. I even included the Jeff Burton Make-a-Wish Foundation car decorated with children's handprints. Please let me know if you like the set as I will continue to make more in the future if the response is good. Have a look at the screen shots below, and be sure to download the set and also leave your comments.

Car Sets
Season Location Race # Updated
XXV (2001) Indianapolis 4 8.14.01
XXV (2001) Michigan 3 8.14.01
XXV (2001) Daytona
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