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Title:Adding NR2003 No CD to the Win 7-64 DEP
Posted By:lisa48 on September 17, 2011 IP Logged
I saw AC_Delco's issues with Windows 7 64-bit and NR2003 No CD, so here you go sweetie; I searched online and nobody had any ideas how to fix it but I figured out a way, and thought I'd share it with everyone because I'm sure you're not the only one.

If you have a computer that came with Windows 7 64-bit, I'm sure either you've had, or know someone who's had, issues running the NR2003 with the 1201 No CD patch, because Windows 7 will not allow you to add the No CD patch to the DEP because it's a hacked version of NR2003.exe. Well, I figured out how to add the 1201 No CD patch to Windows 7 64bit DEP!!

If anyone's curious, It's actually really simple. I'm really surprised nobody ever tried this.

- If you have NR2003 already installed but the no CD patch isn't working, because the game crashes when you click "Drive" ... just make a copy of the game and paste it to your desktop or where ever.
- Then Uninstall the game and delete the leftover directory. EG - C:\Papyrus *delete it*
- Put the the NR2003 CD into your disc drive and explore it *DO NOT INSTALL YET*
- Make a "New Folder" on the desktop and copy the whole CD to it.
- Go into that folder and *delete* the NR2003.exe
- Go into the backup of the game you put on your desktop, or where ever, and Copy the NR2003_noCD_v1201.exe to the CD folder you just made
- Rename NR2003_noCD_v1201.exe to nr2003.exe
- Then run the Setup.exe and install the game as normal
- At the end of the install it'll pop up a message that says something like "NR2003.exe is an unexpected size. Continue Installation? Retry, Cancel, Ignore"
- Click "Ignore" and finish the installation
- Once it's finished, delete the "C:\Papyrus" folder you just installed and copy back over the game you backed up a few minutes ago.
- The " No CD Patch" will now work; because you installed the game with the No CD patch rather than the NR2003.exe that requires the CD,

Windows 7 64-bit made an entry into the DEP to allow the NR2003_noCD_v1201.exe to run correctly without crashing. It doesn't matter what it's named, it WILL run correctly.

This is guaranteed to work with Windows 7 64-bit. I tried it 4 times on 4 different computers and it worked every time.
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