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2025 Fantasy Silly Season Preseason Thunder (NCS22)
DAT Designs - 12/9/2022 - 0.1 kb - 410 User Downloads  
Posted By: chargenick1563  
Get a sneak peek at the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series Fantasy Silly Season as we transition to Generation 7. Based on the Daytona Preseason Thunder tests NASCAR used to hold. Features 62 rated drivers across the 28 organizations to be seen in 2025 as well as 2 unrated DAT Designs player cars. CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.10; Mod and Templates: Full Circle Racing Designs, James Hodge, Thomas Philbrick, Noah Sweet, Nathan Kiani, Swiss (Pit Crew Template); Numbers: Big Evil Racing, XuticX, DiecastCharv, StarClonesProd, Stunod Racing; Logos: Big Evil Racing, A-Main Creative, Stunod Racing, justahamlinfan, Harris Lue (Lue Creative), Lefty Designs; Contingency Logos: thedude1987 (NASCAR Cup Series Logo); Driver Signatures: Stunod Racing, Big Evil Racing. All logos, numbers, and signatures belong to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.
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