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Primer Lightning McQueen
Alexander - 6/30/2022 - 204.5 kb - 54 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alexander  
Wow! 2 edits in one day!? used the same 95 from the Rusteze McQueen and edited it. All credits goes to PNGitem for the headlights and TopPNG for the mouth.
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Posted By: codkazuo  
C'mon, you shouldn't need reminding of this on every upload. Proper credits? Which mod is it intended for and a screenshot? It's not enough to say "same as before" it takes 2 seconds to copy and paste the info if you're editing a previous upload. it also makes more sense to do the edit in the previous upload instead of a whole new upload. Appreciate you're trying, but as a bare minimum please mention the mod in the title and/or description and work on getting some kind of screenshot. That and proper credit for templates, bases, logos, signatures, numbers and any miscellaneous resources you've used and you're all good!
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