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Cruz Ramirez Coy Car
Alexander - 6/12/2022 - 496.0 kb - 77 User Downloads  
Posted By: Alexander  
This is my first custom car.
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Posted By: Alexander  
I used ReedusIQ's Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 2021 Template and I also used the dicast side views for the numbers.
Posted By: codkazuo  
As Matt already said, you'll need to edit the upload and give proper credit for the resources you used to create your car. Just check other user's uploads and you'll see what's needed. Minimum should be the template used, any base scheme used, numbers, logos etc and where you sourced them. It's always a good idea to include a screenshot or render of your scheme and be sure to note the mod it's intended for in your title or in the description. Don't let this put you off, all uploads are appreciated, it's just important within the community to give others credit for what they created and you've used.
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Do you have any picture/screenshot of your car to show us? Also, did you make everything by yourself, or did you use somebody else's template/logos/numbers? You need to give credits for anybody's work you used.
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