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Daytona USA #41 For NR2003 Cup
XGTGAMING357582 - 6/10/2022 - 324.0 kb - 88 User Downloads  
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
I Recreated 2 Of Daytona USA's Cars And Made These to The NR2003 Cup. Credits: Brian Simpson (Template, Dodge) SEGA (Car's Livery Design) Papyrus (Everything else)
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User Comments:
Posted By: TwelfthQuotient  
yeah 200kb is considered a small amount nowadays but a simple 720p picture should do the job
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
no wonder! thanks!
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
"You may attach an image that is NO MORE than 200 Kb in size. This may be a .jpg or .gif extension and will be embeded in the message."
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
Geez but i try putting the Screenshot into the file select and it doesnt display... why that happens?
Posted By: codkazuo  
Appreciate you giving proper credit, but why no screenshots?
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