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XGTGAMING357582 - 5/9/2022 - 1,000.8 kb - 132 User Downloads  
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
First Nascar I've Ever Made! Programs Used: Paint.net (Design) WinMip2v16 (Stadistics, Parameters, etc.) My Braincells (For The Creativity)
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Posted By: Matt Yeager  
@codkazuo: He's just claimed SnG's template as his own. Is it OK for you to let him claim other's work as his own? Anywhere else, and even here as well in the past, he would have been banned for this kind of behaviour.
Posted By: codkazuo  
It's SnG's template. It's important to give credit. People invest time and energy, as well as their OWN creative brains, to create utilities and materials we can all use for free. Giving them proper credit is the least we can do when we use their work to create something. Please give proper credit for any resources used in future uploads.
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
Posted By: codkazuo  
So that Ford Mustang template is your own creation?
Posted By: XGTGAMING357582  
No, i Invented Everything For Myself (Except the Sponsors on the hood and Trunk top) No wonder i mentioned "My Braincells"!
Posted By: codkazuo  
Whose templates did you use? Did you use any sourced numbers, templates, logos? It's important to give proper credit when posting. Also good to include a render or at least a screenshot to properly show off your work.
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