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2003 Alternate Schemes Carset (Cup03-05)
chargenick1563 - 9/15/2019 - 0.3 kb - 685 User Downloads  
Posted By: chargenick1563  
Alternate versions of the 2003 Winston Cup paint schemes CREDITS: Painting Program: GIMP 2.8; Mod and Templates: Splash N' Go Graphics; Bases: Me; Numbers: Big Evil Racing, XaticX; Logos: Google Images, Big Evil Racing; Contigs: Splash N' Go Graphics; Ratings: NRatings
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Posted By: chargenick1563  
@ongias25 Thank you, I really appreciate it!
Posted By: ongias25  
I have been following the progress of this amazing car set. Really appreciate all the work you put into this and especially for sharing thank you!
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