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Austin dillon #3 Dow 2019
Bitbreaker - 9/13/2018 - 4,359.0 kb - 604 User Downloads  
Posted By: Bitbreaker  
My recreation of the #3 dow car from next year. Based on the diecast render that can be found in the net. I know it's not that close, but I'm fine with it. Comes with crew and rated. Credits: template - Splash'n'Go; base - me; Logos - google; numbers - BER; render - tms; pitcrew - ??? I had no clue who made the pitcrew!
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Posted By: Bitbreaker  
I found the design on http://simracingdesign.com/threads/2019-monster-cup-3.67193/ but it can also be found here: https://www.yooying.com/p/1866412387806321106_4371048233 on both sources it is tagged as 2019
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
is the real 2019 car?
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