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#2 Brad Keselowski 2018 Darlington Throwback MENCS2018
DGRLYT - 8/19/2018 - 760.5 kb - 2124 User Downloads  
Posted By: DGRLYT  
I know NNRacing user "Mike32799" made his own replica of this car. But every time I try to download it and A error warning pops up and it says its archived, broken or unknown file format. so I decided to create my own version of Brad Keselowski's 2018 Throwback. Also on the actual car the 2 a red(cant see the red from a distance) and black outline to it, here's what I mean https://www.foxsports.com/nascar/racehub/video/1299010627693 . CREDITS: Mod: MENCS, Template: SPLASH N GO, Base: ME, Contig: SRD, Logos: Google, Number: Big Evil Racing, B-Pillar: blumust10, Render: TMS
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Posted By: Reno62793  
The reason that you may have a problem downloading that file is because there is a new version of Winrar and that fixes it. Had multiple files say it couldn't open but after downloading the new version it works fine. Great work!
Posted By: Mike32799  
wow i had no ideo something was wrong with my file. Thanks for letting me know. i have updated my version so it hopefully should work now
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