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#10 Aric Almirola Mobil 1 (Pinty's mod)
Pokebladerz - 6/29/2018 - 971.5 kb - 794 User Downloads  
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Temp: SnG, Contingencies: SnG, edited by me, New Pinty's series logo from Google, C-Pillar logos: Fosterick, Logos: Google, Number: BER, Base: Me, Signature: John Gamboa, Render: Carbine. I plan on doing more cars like this so stay tuned!
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: nr254  
Where can i get this mod... I need it
Posted By: Nascar_Turn4  
This is cool! I dig it
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Yeah, I plan on doing the rest of the SHR Mobil cars, the 12 and 21 Menard's cars, 21 Motorcraft, and maybe Bowman's Nationwaide car. I also plan on doing Mears' old Target car if I can dig the base I made off of my old laptop.
Posted By: Jonny683  
Will you be doing more Cup Cars?
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