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fictional M&M car mencs18 mod
isaacgaming21 - 4/24/2018 - 743.2 kb - 1839 User Downloads  
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
credits:template by splash n go graphics,numbers & logos by BER & GOOGLE
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Posted By: KBMfan54  
@issacgaming21 I will cut you some slack now that I know your first language is Spanish. I think there may be a slight language barrier with you (not your fault, you are trying). I wish I knew how to help you come across as more legitimate but I don't.
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
@KBMfan54 my real language is spainsh but I learn English in school and nascar videos
Posted By: KBMfan54  
@isaacgaming21 Either English is not your first language or you are not really 14 years old. I can't put my finger on you, Issac. Either way I think you're on the wrong website. You're in over your head.
Posted By: nascarnut55  
You can make circles and add some smaller logos on Gimp if you need a better painting program. No program that I know of will paint a nr2003 template in 3D.
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
if nr2003 painting programs paint in 3D i make this colorful and whit presicion to add the M&Ms circles in front
Posted By: KBMfan54  
It looks like the B-movie version of Kyle Busch's real car! Numbers still need to be smaller. Associate and B-Pillar logos need to be added. Also, it just doesn't look like an M&M's car. It's too yellow...not colorful enough. I know it's a fictional scheme but I wanted to throw that last part in anyway in case you decide to make future M&M's cars.
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