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since 6.4.1996

1995 Ernie Irvan Thunderbird 1998 Mod
CC#48 - 2/26/2018 - 796.1 kb - 1241 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Template and Mod Splash N Go Graphics.... Numbers, logos and Contingencies from my collection... Enjoy
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User Comments:
Posted By: johnwilliams12  
Absolutely incredible set!!!!! Is there any way you could make a '96,'97, or '99 Daytona set? You make the cars so well and it'd be VERY much appreciated!!
Posted By: Cb18705  
Thanks for making this set!! I plan on using it. Great work and very much appreciated!
Posted By: CC#48  
The race that Ernie was hurt at was the first race I went to...Driving into the track and seeing all the get well signs was quite the site... My brother was with me, he was real happy untill Bodine took out Earnhardt in turn 1 or 2 but I will always remember the get well Ernie Signs.
Posted By: Cb18705  
Nice work. But Dale Jarrett drove this same scheme but In the #28 car in 1995. Ervin drove this the previous year until he was was almost killed in a crash at Michigan.
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