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Cody Coughlin JEGS 2018
MariosMinions - 1/23/2018 - 791.7 kb - 1096 User Downloads  
Posted By: MariosMinions  
This is Cody Coughlin's 2018 #2 truck. This truck is by far the most disapointed I've been with the way a paint turned out, I guess its okay but it could've been better. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the number, Google For the logos, and BER for the template. I'm doing Ted Minor's 2017 trucks next, I'll try to make sure those come out better.
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: Stormblast44  
Yeah, the number is a bit big but to be fair, these templates have really thrown me off. Idk what it is about CWS15 but every truck ive done (i havent posted any i dont think) i did the same thing. Non the less, I actually think this is one of the better trucks youve done. Good work.
Posted By: racing24  
is the 2 on the sides supposed to be this big? good car nonetheless
Posted By: MariosMinions  
I forgot to mention the render came from The Mod Squad
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