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(Reupload: Fixed Contigs)2018 Brendan Gaughan #62 Beard Oil/South Point (MENCup17)
UserofNames - 1/10/2018 - 946.9 kb - 321 User Downloads  
Posted By: UserofNames  
Reupload, should be fixed now. Brendan Gaughan's 62 car he will run in select races this year. Hope you like it. Credits: Logos from Google, Number from Big Evil Racing, Template from Stunod.
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Posted By: HunterHecker  
Was about to put the final City Lights Shine logo on, then you painted this. RIP. Good paint. Beat me to it :(
Posted By: tenderman65  
There ya go. Much better. lol
Posted By: UserofNames  
I accidentally left a second contig layer on the first one, oops. Fixed this one, hope you enjoy it.
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