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#20 Erik Jones Tide Pods 2018 Fictional (MENCS)
burtonbraves - 1/7/2018 - 1,555.3 kb - 358 User Downloads  
Posted By: burtonbraves  
Here is an Erik Jones #20 Tide Pods Toyota fictional. Template from Splash N' Go, Logos from Google, Masgrafx. Base by me, Numbers from BER & Nick Baker. Additional credits to Cosmin. Feedback welcomed! Enjoy! *Please do not repost in whole or in part without direct consent*
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Posted By: EllyProductions  
Really nice job! They should use this, or something very similar, as an actual paint scheme.
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
I love people saying stuff about the purple... and not knowing that Pods packaging is PURPLE! lol Incredible looking car, love it!
Posted By: burtonbraves  
The purple is because of their branding https://candid-images.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/271740345141.jpg
Posted By: Kieron1258  
otherwise than the purple throwing it off the car still looks good
Posted By: goingonaraid  
I'll be honest the purple does not really fit it. But it's a good scheme anyway
Posted By: SpiderTre  
that is hot.
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