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1995 Ricky RuddThunderbird 1998 Mod
CC#48 - 1/2/2018 - 1,241.7 kb - 491 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Template and Mod Splash N Go Graphics.... Numbers, Logos and Contingencies from my collection... Enjoy
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User Comments:
Posted By: khanefan26  
Some great memories THX a lot for those cars!!!
Posted By: tenderman65  
Dale Jarrett kind of started the special schemes in 1989 by running a scheme promoting Ghostbusters II. But 1995 was the year it got more common, mainly with Earnhardt's silver Winston scheme and Kyle Petty's silver and halloween schemes. Keep up the awesome work!
Posted By: CC#48  
This makes 13 so far.. The best thing about retro is you have cars using the same scheme most of the year... This was really the first year when special schemes started I believe.
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