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Dale Jr and Justin Allgaier Degree Cars for NXS17
Rob478 - 6/17/2017 - 1,977.7 kb - 241 User Downloads  
Posted By: Rob478  
Credits: Numbers:BER Side Stripes: Image I edited from google Signatures:Google Logos:also from google pillars: google renders: Garrett 1127 Enjoy :)
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Posted By: XuticX  
you're sorta right about that. they do end, but they end in points just above the contig logs.
Posted By: Rob478  
It's weird, but the fenders are supposed to be that way.
Posted By: nnjatfp  
good cars could you make a kyne busch
Posted By: XuticX  
it kind of looks like the stripe on the front fender cuts off when it gets to the nose. other than that, they look good!
Posted By: Rob478  
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