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2017 Ryan Truex #16 Texas CWS15
Cerlin - 6/12/2017 - 1,029.4 kb - 262 User Downloads  
Posted By: Cerlin  
I haven't painted in a long while but I loved this scheme and wanted to race it, so I figured I'd post it. Render scene didn't quite work (windshield) but it looks correct in-game. Credits: CWS15 Mod, Render Scene, & Template (0m3ga), Numbers (BER), Logos (Google), Contigs (Alan Harkleroad SRD, certain parts modified by me), Base Paint (Me), Painted in GIMP, Rendered in 3DSMax 2016 EDIT: Updated the rear by adding the number.
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Posted By: Night_Nazcar  
Great work! Always love seeing other people make trucks.
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