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1991 Richard Petty CWS15 retro
hokiegrad - 3/20/2017 - 1,136.2 kb - 454 User Downloads  
Posted By: hokiegrad  
Can't really have a complete retro set without the King! Temp-Bill1947, Base-me, Number-BER, Logos-google and me. Comes with crew and ratings. Render from stunod by garrett1127, scene by Iceman. Enjoy! Comments welcome.
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Posted By: moparmadman  
No matter what make Petty has in his stable. He will always be best known for his Dodges. Great paint as always.
Posted By: DodgeMan45  
Well, well, well. Every since I saw you start painting these retros, I have been patiently waiting for the Richard Petty one to come out. Awesome job on it.
Posted By: hokiegrad  
Yeah, I went back and forth on whether to make it a Dodge or Chevy. Technically, he drove a Pontiac (GM) that year, but when I think of Petty, I think Dodge!
Posted By: alfiejay  
That's The Ticket !!! Wish it was a GM { Chevy },but understand why the Dodge, All trucks are Great and appreciate your hard work putting these out, But this one's Number 1 !! The King !
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