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Bikernieki Short Course (Track) (Working Standing Starts)
Cyriaan & Ervins Reinverts - 2/25/2015 - 17,126.9 kb - 976 User Downloads  
Posted By: Cyriaan  
Bikernieki Short Course. I cut the part of Bikernieki that was apparently only used for rallycross out. This is based off of a seemingly abandoned alpha that was made by Ervins Reinverts like 8 years ago. It's not very accurate to the real track, the trees are MUCH closer to the track and I think the actual track itself is narrower. The paddock also is VERY different from the real track... but the layout is pretty close. I felt this track deserved to get finished... so NR finally has a working track in Latvia. I had a bit of fun with some of the billboards, but there aren't too many of them. Passing zones do have slightly more grip on the inside lane as well. Checking full pace lap will be a standing start, unchecking it will be a rolling start. The spectator camera is essentially another TV camera, which is kinda similar to what I did with my E4 and RoadOne cameras. The AI is pretty aggressive and they can get pretty wild. That's intentional. The fast setup (aside from the PTA set) was made for the AI, it was not meant for humans to use. Should be ok for online.

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Posted By: horseman89  
Just added some stp's for this track: http://www.nnracing.com/download.asp? fileid=75625
Posted By: XuticX  
just tried it out. very cool track. the tree line was a bit flat but still gave it an in the woods feel. again cool track
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