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bman1699 - 2/8/2008 - 683.2 kb - 2842 User Downloads  
Posted By: bman1699  
Here's the Nascar Sprint Cup Series contingency set for this season. It'll be updated if necessary. Thanks to google images. Enjoy guys! Updates: DirecTV, Nascar Race Car, Coors Light Pole.
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User Comments:
Posted By: IndyCar  
SO AWESOME! These are perfect! Thank you so much.
Posted By: TrixAreForKidss  
Hey bman, do you think you'll ever do something like TRG did and make an template for '08 teams where you can just slap them on and go? I had a horrible issue lining them up, and a prefit set would be awesome. Just my $.02 great job nonetheless.
Posted By: Hendrick2448  
Is the Gold "Nascar Race Car" decal just for Daytona or will it be run all season. Just wondering since the colored version is also included.
Posted By: wdnewberry  
Hail, hail... the decal master is back! Many thanks, bman! credits to you for life.
Posted By: Rogue  
I thought you disappeared, thanks for this. awesome work bro
Posted By: newkid  
Thanks a lot :)
Posted By: nbaker9-91  
He's alive! lol Awesome job and thanks for these!
Posted By: NascarJOHN29038  
Thanks for the set man!This will really help a lot. :)
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