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My 2008 Dale Jr. Concept...
bman1699 - 6/21/2007 - 436.8 kb - 2299 User Downloads  
Posted By: bman1699  
Darrell Waltrip on Wind Tunnel hinted that Junior's sponsor next year won't be Budweiser, won't be the color red, and will still be drinkable. I Also heard yesterday that the number will be 5. So I came up with this! I think it came out pretty cool lookin'. After I made this car, I found out that there were Pepsi talks between the cooperation and Hendrick, regarding the Mountain Dew brand instead of the Pepsi brand for a future primary sponsor. Comments?
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User Comments:
Posted By: TRochon24  
could you make that into a normal chevy monte carlo ss and send it to me at TRochon24@yahoo.com, THAT CAR IS AMAZING!
Posted By: jrmfan  
Nice, but check out the Monster energy drink #2 car that Jr. designed for Jeremy. That is a BAD little ride. It's on Jr's web site. jrmfan
Posted By: Mr.Joe5  
One of the best Dale Jr what ifs car....original thinking and a sweet design that could happen and looks mean..a mean car almost intimidating.
Posted By: smp46  
Great looking car. where did you hear that the car # was going to be 5. caused id be tickled if it was.
Posted By: danzig27  
Excellent paintjob. I'd almost think though that if Junior was sponsored by Mountain Dew, with his love of the nostalgic that they would do a retro DW paint scheme, kinda like what they did with Vickers last year. Probably just as a one race thing but I think it would be cool. Anyway awesome job, got my download.
Posted By: wdnewberry  
That is amazing! Awesome car, man!
Posted By: BrianVickers25  
nice car
Posted By: !LoneWolf  
I think its great, just one thing I see happening if he does in deed drive the #5, I personally think it'll be the Aardvarkbold font like all the other cars
Posted By: EdgeHead8988  
I would be so happy if that's what it would actually look like, or Mountain Dew sponsored JR
Posted By: lbt9  
awesome, how 'bout green rims?
Posted By: TJ  
Very nicely done. Great lookin car.
Posted By: IndyCar  
That is some very nice work! Great looking car.
Posted By: DgattonJr  
that car is awesome will u put it on a template of this years car
Posted By: NCRD1331  
Wow! That is one sharp race car!
Posted By: Lent26  
This is probably the best car I have seen ever
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