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James76 - 4/7/2007 - 45.2 kb - 1366 User Downloads  
Posted By: James76  
This is a very early of a track that shawn (NF15) and i had discussed and for once i am releasing something instead of horading over every detail for months only to realize noone is interested in the idea anymore. :oD lol anyways...this is an EXTREME beta so please be kind in the critiques. Instructions are included to make it a stand alone track. Note you must download or copy bristol nextel 05 1.2 update. www.SaferBarrierProject.com The corners are banked 10 degrees and the straights 5. With a lil bit of polishing i think this is a great idea. Share your thoughts :o)
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Posted By: Nitrousraca56  
Very neat idea. Hope to see the finished version.
Posted By: nascarfan13  
cool track james!
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