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bman1699 - 2/17/2007 - 310.8 kb - 2186 User Downloads  
Posted By: bman1699  
Here's an accurate version of Elliott Sadler's Evernham Motorsports Dodge Dealers / UAW Dodge Charger from this year's exciting Daytona Speedweeks. The car base is by me, contingencies by me, template by me, numbers from t4g, logos from t4g, google, and botw, sig from t4g, and rendering also by me. Enjoy! Comments?
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User Comments:
Posted By: kaseyfan9  
Good job bud.. Can you do kaseys speedweeks car?
Posted By: bman1699  
Thanks guys!
Posted By: rybeezy13  
This has to be the best car I have ever seen on this website, excellent work as usual!
Posted By: Chadfan23  
Thank you bman it looks great!
Posted By: Mailman3829  
That car is amazing!!!!!!! Thanks for the hard work in making it for us!!
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