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bman1699 - 1/18/2007 - 344.8 kb - 1858 User Downloads  
Posted By: bman1699  
Here's Greg Biffle's Roush Racing Jackson Hewitt Ford Fusion he will use as a special paint scheme for this NNCS season. Base by me, #s from t4g, temp by me (wheelnut orig.), contigs from my set, logos from botw and google, and rendering by me. Enjoy! Comments? I will update it after it runs.
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User Comments:
Posted By: Skippy88  
i believe he is asking where did you see a *real* pic of this scheme? i cant find one either... :-P
Posted By: ps1709  
AWESOME! I love this scheme and you painted it perfectly. Great job, man.
Posted By: bman1699  
What are you inferring robot?
Posted By: //mrroboto\\\  
yes but where did you get pic
Posted By: Stockcar  
I love it! One of the best schemes I've seen for this year by far!
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