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2007 #01 MARK MARTIN - U.S. ARMY
bman1699 - 12/17/2006 - 501.0 kb - 1991 User Downloads  
Posted By: bman1699  
Here's Mark Martin's Ginn Racing U.S. ARMY Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS that he will be using as his primary paint scheme in the 2007 NNCS season. Base by me, #s from rura, contings from my set, temp by rsjr14, logos from BOTW and google, and rendering by me. Enjoy! Comments? I will likely update it after the Shootout.
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User Comments:
Posted By: diego1  
can you make the same car but with mark martin in it and cot for dannisbet mod. thank you,great work...
Posted By: kaseyfan9  
Awesome bud.
Posted By: FLORIDAGATOR910  
awsome job, could yo possibly do scott riggs and kasey kahne 2007 cars with that background????????
Posted By: Ryan21  
Stars should always be going into the wind. So the one on the drivers side is backwards. Everybody seems to do it differently, but I think the whole point is they are on the car to begin with.
Posted By: houston9388  
Isnt the Blue part suppose to be towards the Front? GREAT CAR
Posted By: redintrepid9  
I have to question the American flags on the "B" pillars. Are both of them supposed to be backwards, or just one, or none?? Otherwise, the car looks outstanding....
Posted By: v05  
car looks awsome, but its gonna be ginn racing next year, not MB2 ;-)
Posted By: ScottVX9  
Awesome work, great job man.
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