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** Rated cars missing from 1994 set#26,27,28,29**
CC#48 - 1/18/2005 - 1,611.0 kb - 1644 User Downloads  
Posted By: CC#48  
Sorry Guys I was infomed that these Rated cars were missing from 1994 set.. #26 Brett Bodine #27 Jimmy Spencer #28 Ernie Irvan #29 Steve Grissom..
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Posted By: DEINASCARnut03  
I really apprecate all the hard work that goes into these sets and I know that you try to get the cars and all the details as close as possible. 1994 was the tire wars Goodyear vs Hoosier. Geoff Bodine and a few others ran Hoosier tires.
Posted By: TOWMAN  
great job i really apprecate the hard work u do
Posted By: CC#48  
Sorry Guys we had a hard time posting the set..So it had to go in 2 peices, so I hope this is all the cars that are missing ...Very Sorry about that..
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